Hello! I'm Jean-Guillaume, I do street portraits but also like to create more storytelling editorials. I'm mostly shooting medium format in analog. Film makes me slow and I focus more on the craft than machinegunning for pictures.


This is an editorial shot for Fashion Grunge. I first saw Saki on an editorial on hypebeast and then I discovered that she was an artist as well as a model. I loved her art and I really wanted to work around that. I came with that idea and I asked her to add her own story to my pictures. It was shot on film in Tokyo.

Concept and photography: Jean-Guillaume Bastin (@commedesbatards– www.commedesbatards.com)
Model and Art: Saki Watanabe (@_2black4you)
Make-Up: Maila Tsuboi (@Maila_Tsuboi)
Hair: Madoka Anai (@nncllv)
Style: Takashi Sekiya (@Takashi_V)
Vintage fashion throughout