Hello! I'm Jean-Guillaume, I do street portraits but also like to create more storytelling editorials. I'm mostly shooting medium format in analog. Film makes me slow and I focus more on the craft than machinegunning for pictures.

Tokyo Youth #11 – Nashu

I also met Nashu a few times in the street and at Fashion Week, most of the time with a rocky style. This time he was sporting a typical americana style from Harajuku! We walked Takeshita-dori and then went into Meiji Shrine. I almost never take Takeshita-dori because it’s quite crowded but walking Meiji Shrine is always a pleasure, even if we got lost in a lost path! He’s also one of these youngs guys who spend their time in vintage shops (also works in one) and try lot of combinations.

What do you do?

I am a high-school student.


Any particular designer you are wearing right now?


Why did you choose this location and surroundings?

I was born and raised in Harajuku.


Where do you go with your friends to have fun?

We go to live houses. (note: a club where live music is played).

Where do you spend your ‘leisure’ money? 

Shopping and music.


Where do you go in Tokyo to relax?

Ah! Also to live houses!

What’s your main hobby? 

Playing with fashion.


What is your favorite clothing store?

Little Tokyo near Car Street in Harajuku.

Favorite current movies?

Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick.


What is on your playlist?

Mainly punk music.

How would you describe your style?

I believe I’m quite Punk.


Do the arts influence it?

Definitely! Punk music.

Next week, a fellow photographer and flowers!