I was never really good with words.

So I discovered poetry in pictures. Stories emerge where lines meet and colors merge. Frame by frame, subjects reveal to me pieces of their personal narratives.
Avid lover of Japan’s unique lifestyle, I took my film camera and spent a year capturing the youth culture.
By shooting in analog format, I aspired to connect with my subjects in all of their subtleties. Thus, I learned more with less.

I found focus in the blurry.

Little did I know that this journey would deeply shape my identity as a photographer.
I hope that emotions can transcend through these images to inspire you.

Here are the stories they chose to tell.

Tokyo Youth #15 – Moeno

Meet Moeno! As usual, I met her in the street. Liked her cool vibe! She brought me to Nakano, a place I discovered during my first trip in Tokyo 5 years ago. It’s quite an interesting neighborhood, a bit older and sometimes weirder. We walked in Nakano Broadway, a super old mall filled with… interesting stores! A bit (ok, a lot) otaku. There’s a doll one that always creeped me out. Of course, I took a picture there. 🙂

Moeno was wearing an Akira t-shirt, (her favorite movie!) I guess it fit the decor! I forgot my flash so shooting almost all inside was a bit tricky but it turned out ok. She also took the time to give very long answers to my usual questions, which made me research a bit about Idols!

What do you do?

I am a college student. People always assume I’m a fashion student but I actually study Chinese and psychology.


Any particular designer you are wearing right now?

Not. I don’t stick to the same style so I don’t really have anything in particular.

Why did you choose this location and surroundings?

I came here often as a student so it holds a lot of memories for me.


Where do you go with your friends to have fun?

Harajuku or Shibuya. I often go to Harajuku with friends for shopping.

Where do you spend your ‘leisure’ money? 

I use about 70% for used clothing. Usually, the clothes I want are expensive so all the money I earn is… lost. Sad!!

I use about 20% for anime figures.  They make me happy!

The rest is to spend for fun with friends. I’m not really the type to save.


Where do you go in Tokyo to relax?

I  go to the Clique store in Harajuku. It’s a very cool store where all the customers are friends. I spend about 4 hours everytime!  The shop owner and Kujaku designer, Nishizaka Takuma, knows everything and is loved by everyone. He is a very kind person. The assistant Mr Hirose is very cool and makes everyone feel like a family. The clothes there are so cool and it makes a different way of looking at clothes in general.

What’s your main hobby? 

I love Anime and Idols.

I got hooked to Two dimensions when I was a kid. At school, I was bullied and kind of become a loner. So I went online a lot. I found a website called Nico Nico Dougas and got interestind in Vocaloid (Miku Hatsune) from there and became interested in two dimensions since. I like pretty girls’ animations and I like girls from Twain Tails called Akira Shirai of Toaru kagaku no re-rugann. The reason is because I like twin tails a lot LOL

Lately, the animation I am watching is Frame Arms Girl. It’s mostly an anime about cute girls fighting but they are so cute and make me feel good.

I started to like Idols since junior high school.  My first idol’s show was  BandoJanaiMon (‘not a band’). I thought that everyone was so sparkling and cute. From there I also went to see other idols. Cute girls are a source of energy for me.


What is your favorite clothing store?

You might have guessed, it’s Clique in Harajuku.

Favorite current movies?

Akira! It has been my favorite movie since elementary school. The story takes place in Neo Tokyo, in 2020. It’s such a delicate movie, all the frames are hand drawn! It would be so cool if something I saw as a child and happening in 2020 would actually become real for real by that date. Please check it out! It’s also my instagram icon. (note from me: yes you should check it, it’s an incredible movie).


What is on your playlist?

I listen to various songs. Mostly Idol and j-rock Western music.  Recently I’m into hip hop. Soundcloud has been a good source of discovery lately. I recommend a hip-hop group called PSG. I feel good when the lyrics are a bit loose. My favorite song is ‘God’ (‘Kamisama’).

How would you describe your style?

In this look I would say it’s Neo Tokyo. The bag has a cute pretty girl ‘s and made with pillow fabric. The t-shirt is obviously Akira from the movie. “Neo” was expressed by fusing an old animation character with a modern one. My style goes beyond one genre, so I am happy if you check my instagram and see all my different styles.


Do the arts influence it?

I would say my constant search to have different styles and not being boring with just one type makes my biggest influence.