Hello! I'm Jean-Guillaume, I do street portraits but also like to create more storytelling editorials. I'm mostly shooting medium format in analog. Film makes me slow and I focus more on the craft than machinegunning for pictures.

Tokyo Youth #16 – Shunsuke

Shunsuke was one of my first pictures I took in tokyo, during fashion week. He always looks pretty chill and isnt’t afraid of patterns, colors, hats, whatever. I don’t think there was an occasion where I didn’t snap a picture out of him as all his looks are cool. If you look through my IG, you’ll see him a few times over the last ten months. He’s a fashion student and wants to make it as a stylist!

He’s also the first one to take me to shinjuku, took a while! We walked through the main street and headed slowly towards Kabukicho. He was also not afraid to go over a fence and the edge of a building, even with cameras.

What do you do?

Fashion student.


Any particular designer you are wearing right now?

Buy it if you think it’s not cool.

Why did you choose this location and surroundings?

This area triggered my fashion passion.


Where do you go with your friends to have fun?

In Harajuku, Aoyama, Ginza and Shibuya

Where do you spend your ‘leisure’ money? 

I use mostly everything in fashion and the rest to hang out with my friends.

Where do you go in Tokyo to relax?

If you relax, you don’t leave home.

What’s your main hobby? 

I don’t really have a hobby. If I have free time, I shop online.


What is your favorite clothing store?

Jackpot in Shinjuku.

Favorite current movies?


What is on your playlist?

Nujabes (note: aaaah, ‘feather’!!) and luvsic.

How would you describe your style?

Spontaneous. I think it’s cool when I have a new intuition.

Do the arts influence it?

Not really. I think art is a culture rather than a means of expression in fashion.

Had a great time with Shunsuke! I’m sure I’ll see him again soon.