Hello! I'm Jean-Guillaume, I do street portraits but also like to create more storytelling editorials. I'm mostly shooting medium format in analog. Film makes me slow and I focus more on the craft than machinegunning for pictures.

Tokyo Youth #18 – Takumi

Takumi was a colleague of mine for a short time before he left to work for Céline as an apparel staff. He’s a really fun guy who has a very crisp sense of fashion. He really always looks pretty cool and has the attitude that goes with it. He taught me a few dirty words, so I taught him some french dirty words too ;P


We went to Sangenjaya and more precisely in the Yokocho near the station. It’s an area with very narrow streets filled with crammed bars and interesting shops. It has a unique feel that really only exists in Asian countries I would assume. As I always like to have a high view of the area my models take me, we took a coffee on a very cool terrasse on top of a building. Perfect!

What do you do?

Apparel staff.


Any particular designer you are wearing right now?


Why did you choose this location and surroundings?

This area is my favorite spot in Tokyo.


Where do you go with your friends to have fun?

I like to go to music clubs.

Where do you spend your ‘leisure’ money? 

In book stores.


Where do you go in Tokyo to relax?

I stay at my place to relax!

What’s your main hobby? 

Reading books 😛


What is your favorite clothing store?

Bank, here in Sangenjaya.

Favorite current movies?



What is on your playlist?

Raleigh Ritchie.

How would you describe your style?

Fashionable mafia.


Do the arts influence it?


Thanks Takumi!