I was never really good with words.

So I discovered poetry in pictures. Stories emerge where lines meet and colors merge. Frame by frame, subjects reveal to me pieces of their personal narratives.
Avid lover of Japan’s unique lifestyle, I took my film camera and spent a year capturing the youth culture.
By shooting in analog format, I aspired to connect with my subjects in all of their subtleties. Thus, I learned more with less.

I found focus in the blurry.

Little did I know that this journey would deeply shape my identity as a photographer.
I hope that emotions can transcend through these images to inspire you.

Here are the stories they chose to tell.

Tokyo Youth #19 – Remi

Some colors and a new area this week! Remi is a very colorful girl whom I saw once in the street. As I was lacking this style, she was the perfect fit for a new portrait. I wanted colors and wasn’t disappointed! Her crazy jacket is actually her own creation.

She also brought me to an area I didn’t know, Jiyugoaka. Super peaceful and cool! I had my first Kakigori (I know, it took me a while) in a beautiful traditional tea house. We also found (of course) a cool rooftop after looking for one for probably too long. The sun was going down quickly. and I got one of my fav shot ever.  Super cool afternoon!

What do you do?

I work as a shop staff for an online store. I hope to do some more design work since I just bought a sewing machine.


Any particular designer you are wearing right now?

My own jacket and belt I made, a Calvin Klein top and second-hand pink shirt and pants with Converse shoes.

Why did you choose this location and surroundings?

I like the atmosphere in Jiyuugaoka, it has a mix of nature and a European feel to it. It is also quieter since it is quite a residential area. There are also some interesting shops there too.


Where do you go with your friends to have fun?

Hanging out in Harajuku, Shibuya or Shinjuku sometimes. Going to Karaoke, game centres or looking for interesting new food items to eat.

Where do you spend your ‘leisure’ money? 

In second-hand shops around Tokyo, like in Koenji or Shimokitazawa or where ever there is a new food item.


Where do you go in Tokyo to relax?

I like places with nature or by the seaside, so I like going to Yokohama or Minatomirai from time to time. The seabreeze can be so soothing.

What’s your main hobby? 

I do kickboxing/boxing and I like shopping!


What is your favorite clothing store?

None in particular. I like shopping at second-hand stores – they have a variety of brands and interesting mix of
styles and price ranges.

Favorite current movies?

Hot Fuzz and Wong Kar Wai films like Fallen Angels or Ashes of Time.


What is on your playlist?

The Kooks, Gorillaz, Oasis, Spitz, System of a Down, Rihanna – just to name a few 🙂

How would you describe your style?

Depends on my mood, but it ranges from colorful, sporty streetwear to dark and gothic styles. I like to experiment!


Do the arts influence it?

To an extent, art can affect my mood which affects my clothing choice. It is interesting to see how other creatives work and get ideas, so I prefer to use art more as inspiration/motivation for designs.

Big thanks to Remi!